Sunday, January 29, 2012

Due Date

Well January 28th came and went without any action. As much as I love being pregnant and having our baby girl "right there" at all times, I am very much ready to meet baby Addie and enjoy her on the outside of my body.  My to do list for yesterday: go into labor.  Still working on that one...

 40 Weeks and 1 day
 Can't wait to fill this pink nursery with a baby!
Bryan is taking on his fatherly duties and installing childproof cabinet locks. No, we aren't worried about our newborn getting into the trash.  However, the mischievous one below loves to go digging around in the cupboards.
She is also ready to meet the baby :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bock Painting Crew

Hands down, what we are most thankful for with the entire packing, moving, painting craziness - our family.  We recruited the pros to paint every last inch of the main floor.  They worked from breakfast until waaaayy past dinner for three days. Others were intending to come from Fargo but with fishy weather only the Iowans were able to make it.

My dad worked right through his Cyclone football bowl game, my 18 year old sister spent New Years Eve painting with her parents, and my mom was on her feet 18 hours a day with the best attitude. Nate & Cooper joined us to do some odds and end jobs while Bryan headed off to work.  Words cannot express how thankful we are for your selflessness and hard work!!

As the prego lady, I got to be the one wandering around taking pictures :)  Before and after pictures coming!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Move

On December 30th we closed on our first home. We loved our duplex but were ecstatic at the idea of getting into a house and making it our own.  As for moving when 36 weeks pregnant?  I wouldn't recommend it. There is no way that everything would've gotten done without so many friends and so much family helping us out!

 The duplex was overtook with boxes for the last couple of weeks in December
 Sold!  Praise the Lord!

Some of the moving crew.  Whats a good move without donuts and OJ?  Thanks everyone for your help!  The moving itself took less than 2 hours...pretty amazing, right?

Christmas 2011

Can you believe that January is already coming to an end?  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby girl, both already smitten with love and full of gratitude for the past 40 weeks.  Things around here will be changing drastically very soon, so I thought I would do some quick updates before our posts become more baby-focused.

This past year was our first Christmas as a married coupled. With our families living in opposite directions, this was year 1 of rotating Christmas. We headed down to the warm and snowless south for some great time with the Bocks.

 Cookie Decorating
 Mia loves cousin Cooper :)
 Tree decorating
 Christmas Eve Church
 Mia cozying up in her Christmas PJs
 All of the grandkids minus 1
 A glimpse into the gift opening craziness

 Mia is enjoying her moments of being featured before the baby takes over
 Santa came!
 Christmas in Gilbert
Skyping with Fargo

Another memorable Christmas for the books!  Bryan got the entire holiday off and pregnancy offered the excuse for me to eat every dessert I came across :)