Monday, May 5, 2014

Cayden - 9 Month Update

It's been another exciting month around here -- full of lots of movement, some sleep, and a few extra bruises.   Cayden has progressed from the army crawl to an actual crawl!  He often still uses his elbows & knees, which looks hilarious. All I see is a the-cutest-little-tooshie squirmy across the floor.  As with any baby his age, he is extra motivated by all the things he shouldn't have: cords, dog bones, and small pieces of anything he can choke on.

 Another exciting part of this month is that our sweet boy is finally sleeping!! Insert happy dance, which closely resembles the intro dance on Blues Clues. #motherofatoddlerprobs  Just this past Saturday, Cayden slept for 12 hours for the second time since his birth 9 months ago.  If you're doing your math, you'll notice he is technically in his 10th month.  Lucky for him, I'm feeling generous.

Our little muncher eats anything and everything. His top two middle teeth came in which have seemed to multiply his appetite.  No joke. He eats more than me at some meals!  Amazingly, he is still in his 9 month clothes. Maybe I should try the knee/elbow crawl for burning off my meals!?

The last big milestone we hit this past month is with Cayden pulling himself up to stand.  It didn't take long for him to prefer standing over sitting and now he is casually standing around the house. Unless, of course, there is an electrical cord in sight.  It still amazes me that such a short little thing can be on two feet. My iphone has approximately 1 billion pictures of Cade standing in different spots around the room. I might be obsessed.  But I'm no dummy, this mom isn't coaching her son into walking...not sure I'm ready for 2 little runners!

Some of Cayden's favorites this month are blowing raspberries, touch & feel books, pattycake, and standing.  He has started to wave and will imitate noises and expressions.  He tugs his ear when he's tired and his tongue is out of his mouth 99% of any given day. As with each stage, we are loving this time. It is fun to see him grow and explore!