Friday, June 13, 2014

Ramblings of a 2 Year Old

A year ago we were a little nervous about Addie's speech development, but she has put our minds at ease these past few months.  I wanted to document some of the phrases that make us laugh.

Dad: Okie Dokie!
Addie: Cookie Cookie!

While changing Addie on her brother's changing table. She grabs one of his old Pee Tee-Pees, puts it on my head and says "Happy Birthday!"

When Addie toots.
Addie: Mommy poop!
Mom: Mommy didn't poop.
Addie: Book poop!
Mom: The book didn't poop...
Addie: Addie poop!!
Mom: Addie toot!
*Anytime Addie hears a toot, she yells "poop!"

On any windy and/or sunny day.
Addie: Wind hair!  Sun eyes! Sun eyyyyyeeeeessss!!
While waving hands frantically.

Oops = ooots
Ouch = outs

Mom: Addie do you want a treat?
Addie: 2 treats!!

Addie: More ice creams please!

 Can you tell we like our sweets around here?   She definitely has some Bock blood in her :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cayden - 10 Month Update

At 10 months, our little guys has progressed from crawling around to pulling himself up on furniture.  He is just started to walk along things and let go of furniture to stand by himself for a second, before plopping to his tush.

This child of ours is one of the happiest babies.  I think his new found freedom of movement brings a lot of joy to his little soul. Whenever he stands, he looks around with a toothy little grin.  Speaking of teeth - we are up to six!  Four teeth on the top and two on the bottom. Those innocent-looking little growths almost took a chunk out of my arm last week. Cayden has heard "don't bite" when nursing before, so he recognized the phrase and looked at me with his sorry eyes.  So precious.

In a typical day, Cayden will take two naps, then go to bed around 7:30 for about 12 hours.  On a good night he will only get up once to eat, then go right back to bed.  Lately, we've spent a lot of days out and about. Our little man will get fussy after skipping a nap, but he's usually a pretty good sport about it.

One of my favorite things about our son?  He's a mommy's boy. But who can blame him?!  When I walk into a room, he will usually fuss until he's in my arms...then turn back to whoever was holding him and smile.  There are times when we are around someone knew when he will shyly tuck this head into my neck.  These little gestures absolutely break me.

The one other person that Cade loves to go to is his daddy. After a long day away, Bryan will come home to Cayden kicking his arms with delight. This momma loves that he has such a great daddy.

Eating is still a favorite around here!  Cayden will nurse a couple of times a day, take one bottle, and eat 4-5 times a day. We haven't found any foods that he won't eat but he definitely likes his cheese, fruits and carbs.

Each passing days brings us closer and closer to the 1 year mark. It's incredibly bittersweet. I love watching Cayden grow and develop but part of me dreads the day that he won't shyly nuzzle my neck. Bryan and I continue to do our best at not taking a single day for granted, soaking in each exciting new thing and celebrating another day with our son.