Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cayden 11 Month Update

To be completely honest, Cayden's 11th month was a whirlwind. He kicked it off with the Roseola virus, hung out with a few friends for a weekend, came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, and finally he was booted off to Nana & Papa's for nearly a week while his dad spent some time in the ICU.  With that being said, one characteristic that stood out this summer is that Cade is one flexible and chill child. He did good on the fly, was content even having a fever, and he was back to his old self the first day back home.

At 11 months, Cayden wasn't quite walking but he was standing for long periods of time. He gets around furniture super fast and enjoys crawl-running.  He is still a good eater, though occasionally I catch him sneaking beans to the dog. Our little guy has the ability to wave and clap but he rarely does either on cue.  He has become quite the mimicker and now likes to crinkle his nose.

Addie & Cade are the best of friends. They get along great most of the time. There are moments when Cayden is yanking on her hair or Addie is picking him up by his neck, but it is all out of love :) When he isn't playing with his sister, he is enjoys: reading books, throwing balls, rolling cars, the tupperware cupboard, and practicing his walking.

The 11th month has Cayden weighing in at 20.2 lbs. His 12 month clothes fit nicely and he is just starting to work off those little leg rolls.  This boy has the cutest blonde curls, it helps me enjoy the summer humidity!