Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Sister Addie

With baby boy soon making his arrival (Lord-willing), we are doing our best to prepare Addie for her upcoming role as a sister.  We treat her doll and all her stuffed animals like royalty and I try to communicate about the baby in mommy's tummy every chance I get. Some days it seems like Addie is beginning to grasp the idea of a baby but just when I get excited/hopeful, she does something like throw her baby down the stairs or chews on baby's arm.  We can't help but laugh.  This is going to be interesting.  

In preparation for baby brother, we moved Addie's crib into the nursery a few months ago. The first week in the twin bed was rough but I'm so glad that we stuck with it. Addie looks so little in her big bed but she is finally staying in it consistently and relishing in being a big girl. This past week has been a little entertaining. I'll go check on her an hour after I lay her down and find her looking out the window or just sitting in bed smiling. 

Each day brings something new with our little toddler. She loves playing in water, being outside, and chasing Mia. We do a stroller walk on most days and try to get out of the house for some kind of adventure when we are able. Addie waves at strangers, gives kisses to anyone without facial hair, and has a smile that will melt your heart. She will talk your ear off, but we have yet to recognize most of what she is saying.

In the past couple of months, Addie has filled out her gums with little teeth. She has at least 8 teeth on the top and I think 10-12 on the bottom. The child doesn't sit still long enough for mom to count her teeth..and I fear losing a finger if I stick it in there! Addie can chew anything we throw her way and she is working on mastering her fork & spoon.  The finale to every meal is Addie putting her plate/bowl on her head.  Needless to say, we are still working on our table manners.

Addie is pretty sweet all around, but as mom & dad, our favorite part of the day is coming home. She is at the stage now that she hears the basement door close and us come up the stairs.  As we round the corner up the stairs, we are greeted with a running, squealing Addie.  Some days she jumps right in our arms, other times she comes sprinting our way, rounds out just before reaching our arms, and continues to run and squeal.  Equally fun.

The above picture is from Father's Day. Addie loves her "dada". 

So there she is. Our little sweetheart. Obviously a quick blog post doesn't do her justice but we wanted to pass along pictures and updates to those of you who don't get to see this gem on a regular basis.  Hope to be back soon!