Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work Days

Let me preface this post by saying that it is 6:20AM and our baby girl has been sleeping since 11PM last night. Oh my goodness!  When I woke at 5 I was way too excited to sleep. What does mom do when the baby sleeps in?  Scurries around trying to get a day's work in before she wakes. Here I am.

This week has been a-mazing.  My hubby was home by 4:30 on Monday and was scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday off!  This is the MOST time we have had at home together, without company, and no commitments since the first days we have met.  So what do we do?

No worries, I had a few ideas.  The big one is painting the basement from head to toe. The joys of being homeowners :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tour of the nursery

I've had some friends ask to see pictures of the nursery. Of course a house is always a work in progress, but this is how it looks right now!

now if only that little peanut would transition from sleeping in the bouncy chair to the big, beautiful crib :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Saturday of bliss

We are so excited for spring in the Pearson household and this Saturday it feels like Spring!  We are able to maximize our spring day by starting extra early, since we have the :

Baby girl got the big bed to herself for her morning snooze. As you can see, she has plenty of room to spare in there.

Now we are curled up by the fire with all of the windows and screen doors open.  It is absolutely wonderful.

Looking forward to exploring some new ground by stroller this afternoon! What do you do on your most peaceful Saturdays?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy 1 month baby girl!

We can't believe that our precious baby girl is a month old. Time couldn't have gone any faster...slow down time! 

Addie, we love you more than we knew possible. You bring us new joys each day, even those 4AM feedings make us smile.

Our favorite time with you is after you eat, you love to lay on a blanket on the floor. Your feet kick a million miles a minute (future runner or soccer player?). It is fun to hear you "talk" in the form of squawks,  squeals, and grunts. You can recognize mom and dad's voices and faces. Your eyes grow more and more alert each day as you study our faces and take in details of your surroundings.

We love you baby girl. Thank you God for this most precious gift!