Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

Each month after Addie's monthly update, I have the intentions of sharing more about the house, family, and recent  memory-makers...only to find myself on the 7th of the following month, wondering where the last 30 days have gone.  So here we are again, happy 7 month birthday to our baby girl!

In the last 4 weeks Addie has mastered her crawling and moved onto attempts of standing, bear crawling, and climbing.  Just when you think you have the house baby-proof...she is able to reach that much higher and move that much faster! Needless to say, Addie is always on-the-go and keeps us on the move as well. 

She has now tried and enjoyed more foods than I care to list. We usually give her 2 cubes of fruit with cereal for breakfast and 2 cubes of veggies with cereal for supper. At any point in between, before or after, when we need Addie entertained or quiet - she gets snacks :)  It amazes me how long that girl can gnaw on an apple slice.  

We've lowered the crib to the next level, since occasionally Addie pulls herself up into standing position.  There is also a semi-permanent gate at the top of the stairs outlet plugs in most rooms in the house.  Though Addie isn't walking yet, she rolls around in her walker and can now squeeze her way into any corner of the house. Nothing below 4 feet high is safe anymore.  This past week I would leave a room to find a new "toy" on her walker tray: TV antennae, mom's scarf, Mia's bone..you name it!

Addie loved seeing all of her grandparents in her 6th month and she continues to enjoy daycare.We continue to feel incredibly blessed!