Monday, April 27, 2015

It's All About Jesus.

When I first considered transitioning to be a stay at home mom I was anxious that I'd be bored. Work had always been a good outlet for me and I've always been one to enjoy having a full plate. A plate with a large pasta meal. And a huge chicken breast. And an entire bag of frozen broccoli. Oh, and a glass of wine to go with.  You get what I'm sayin'? 

Well, as with many things, I was completely wrong. Life is so full right now - with some part-time work (more coming on that soon), a house remodel, and managing our children without childcare - things have been busy.  Going through these changes has made us really think about how we want to delegate our resources, where we want to spend our time and what is most important to us.

This morning I sat down to read my Bible (which I had waited far too long to do) and enjoy some coffee before the kids were awake. My passage today was 1 John 2:15-17 - want a summary?  Its all about Jesus. We live in this world, we own houses and work jobs, but We and Those Things are all about Jesus. Or at least they should be. 

This is a text that I've read a million times but it spoke to me differently at this time in life. Isn't it great how scripture can do that? If you're at a time in your life where you are making changes or recalibrating, I encourage you to take some time to think and pray over 1 John, it will do wonders for your soul.

And alas, I'm hearing "banana!" and "crackers!" being shouted from room #3...I think someone is up and ready for breakfast. This momma better get to work!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mom Friends

My heart is so full today. It is almost bursting at the seams. These last several days have been incredibly rich with great conversations and time with friends. On my way home from a moms group this morning I found myself thinking about the "mom friends" that I have and feeling so utterly grateful.

In this day when life is constantly uploaded to social media, it can create a pressure to portray the perfect family, child, home, and life.  But this is real life. Perfection isn't anywhere to be found and it shouldn't be the end goal. For me, the best way to keep things in perspective is to connect with real women. I still check and use Instagram & Facebook, but those aren't the places I go for wisdom or encouragement - I go to my mom friends. I go to my Biblestudy. I go to my journal. And I drop down on my knees. That is real life. That is what really fills my heart.

My hope for whomever is reading this, is that you have those friends or that family. That you get to live life with real people, in real time, with real problems. I hope that your heart is filled up with fruitful relationships and purpose. And if its not? Don't open an app. Make a phone call. You can do it. It will be totally worth it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life Changes

I'm dusting off the blog today after a long hiatus. We've gone through a lot of changes in the past year. Several moments of joy and excitement with some significant losses sprinkled in.  Its been life-changing in many ways.

One of the big changes as of recently is that I left my job.  I'm officially at stay at home mom.  Say what?!  It still feels a bit unreal, part of me keeps thinking I need to pull out my work laptop to check emails.  I'm 9 days in today and it has been incredible.

We've pretty much been living outside all week. I think I love spring even more than summer, those first weeks outside are hard to beat!

I feel like the blog will be a good outlet for me in this new stage of life. Check back soon!