Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello third trimester!

As a prego, I've found that my life takes place in weeks.  A friend mentioned her upcoming birthday the other day, my first thought, "I'll be 29 weeks then!"  So needless to say, I celebrate these pregnancy milestones like there is no tomorrow. This pregnancy growing our little man has been going fast, Addie is the best distraction that a mom could ask for.

In the past week or two I've been able to start chewing gum again, having a black cup of coffee and brushing my teeth without gagging.  However, I can't cut my toenails without having to pee and my only running route has a Super America smack-dab in the middle for an "emptying session".  

I've been feeling movements since 15 weeks along and Bryan was able to shortly after that. Now little man's movements have crossed over from flutters to full out kicks.  It's a hoot to watch little appendages bulge out of this belly.

Though I'm 99% excited about being in the 3rd trimester, today it struck me that Addie's life as an only child is coming to a rapid end.  The emotional mess that I am, the thought of it brings me to tears. Though I'm sure she will love having a little brother it will be a big adjustment from the way things are now.

*Wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, that little bump is about twice as big today!