Sunday, August 4, 2013

Introducing Cayden

Hey everyone!  There has been a lot going on in the Pearson household with the arrival of our sweet baby boy. Its hard to believe that our little man is 11 days old already. My due date was this past Thursday and I couldn't help but celebrate that he was already here.

It all began early Tuesday morning, I woke up just after 3 feeling contractions. I did what the books said and started to time them out. And as any rational person would do, I googled, "How to tell if I'm really in labor".  You would think this was our first baby, right?  The contractions weren't bad but they were consistent and getting closer together. By 7AM I had convinced myself that I was one of those people in the baby discussion forums that recall labor cramps as "bad menstrual cramps".  I wasn't screaming like people in the movies and I was able to walk around and talk through them...but this had to be it, right?  Wrong. After a quick trip into the hospital we found that I had made very little progress since my last OB appointment.  We were sent back home.

Feeling defeated and dumb, once home I set out on a mission. Lets go to the dog park!  Want to take another walk?  Do we have any spicy foods here?  Time would tell if we were in false labor or early labor, but I was determined to keep things moving along. After a long day of being outside and on the move, the contractions started to become more intense. Around 4 I made a quick trip to Target where I had to stop mid-aisle to breathe through these contractions which were about 7 minutes apart.

Grandma Bock arrived and hung out with us through the evening until around 10 when I thought it was time to go back in. The contractions were getting more difficult to manage and were consistently 5 to 7 minutes apart.  This HAD to be it, right?  Wrong.  Another quick check showed hardly any progress since that morning.  Dilating 1/2 cm after another 12 hours of contractions?  I could've cried.  And I did.  At this time I hadn't slept or eaten much since Monday night, I was physically spent and emotionally out of sorts.  The nurse sent me home with an Ambien (sp?) to help me sleep but the contractions were too severe and it was no help. So instead I laid in bed next to my snoring husband, moaning through the pain every 5 to 7 minutes. This night goes down as the longest night of my life. Complete with unpleasant dashes to the restroom and not a wink of sleep.

Finally by Wednesday morning, we knew this was it. Things only continued to get more painful and they seemed to be getting closer together. So for the 3rd time we headed back across the street to the hospital. Finally some good news, we've made progress!  In fact, if I wanted an epidural we needed to get moving. Desperate for some rest, I took them up on the offer and was feeling much  relief by 11.  A couple of doctor checks later and 10 minutes of pushing, and our little guy finally made his appearance.

Cayden David was born  July 24th at 2:38PM. He was a solid 7lb 12oz in weight and 20 inches long. Worth every minute of labor and contraction pain :)

 We weren't quite sure how Addie would adjust to having a brother, but she has done better than we could of imagined. From the first time seeing him at the hospital she was elated. At home now she's always looking for "baby" and asking to hold him.  She's had her moments of needing attention but all-in-all she has done great.

Time for me to go snuggle my little loves, but I'll be back with more soon!

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