Monday, March 24, 2014

Cayden 8 Month Update

Today is the day! Can you believe it?  ...not the fact that I've kept a second child alive for eight months, but that this blog post is making it up on the actual day!  Yeah. Be impressed. And just so you know, I actually got two things done today.

Without further delays, here's the man of the hour:

  • He's got two little teeth in there! Do you see them?  Worked awfully hard for those suckers.
  • Eating lots of foods.  Baby foods, from the fruitbowl, from mom's plate..whatever is easiest at any given meal.  2nd child probs.
  •  Plays peek-a-boo with sister (video to follow!) and giggles excessively.


  • Naps twice a day. Up for 3-4 hours after each nap.
  • As for the night sleep, I don't want to talk about it.  But if you see me running errands, please don't comment on my mismatched shoes and frazzled hair.  And feel free to buy me a coffee :)
  • Favorite toy?  His sister's princess castle. Makin' his dad proud!  This is a legit castle, Cayden uses it to pull himself up towards the standing position & it sings songs. What's not to love?
    • See those hairs?  They are about  one-hundred-thousand times longer than his sister's hair was at that age.  I'm pretty sure our little guy is going to need a haircut before his sissy.
    • Cayden is moving EVERYWHERE. He rolls, scoots backwards and makes his way around a room by sitting, flopping to his stomach, then returning to the sitting position - pretty much most difficult way imaginable to get from point A to point B.  Not crawling yet, but getting close!
    • I have no idea why these bullet points look different than the ones above. #techchallenged
      That about sums up the updates of our little guys!  He is still such a joy, we are incredibly in love & so grateful for this little treasure.

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