Monday, May 7, 2012


This past weekend, Addie and I headed south to spend a girls weekend at the lake. It was really fun to catch up with the girls and relax for a couple of days. I LOVE getting together with these girls; I always leave encouraged, challenged, and ready to live life to the max.

Last night when Addie and I arrived home, I was overwhelmed with a heart of gratitude. Walking into our home (or maybe the better word is "barreling" as I can hardly fit in our stairwell carrying 4 bags and the baby carrier) last night I almost couldn't believe that this is where life is.  Who am I to deserve such a beautiful home, baby, husband, family and friends? 

Over the weekend we did a lot of reminiscing.  There are so many things that we have all done together and I wouldn't trade them for the world..but with complete honesty I can say that I have never been more happy than at this very stage in life.  Even with the sleepless nights, poop blowouts, heavy workload, and endless demand of cleaning and yard work: I wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything.

And during these times that I'm overwhelmed with gratitude, I don't know what to do. How can I possibly express my heart with actions and words?  Nothing would do it justice.

So each morning I will wake and humble myself, I will give thanks to the God of the Heavens, the Creator and Ultimate Giver of it all. I'll be unworthy of all of these blessings in my life. I will strive to be generous. I  will aim to be abundant in love, though at my most it would only be a fraction of that that is shown to me each day. And after it all, I will continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude.  What a beautiful thing.

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