Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 3 month birthday!

Monday we celebrated the 3 month birthday of our sweet baby girl.  Every second of every day of the last 3 months has gone too fast.  We just can't get enough of our Adelyn Grace. Our lives have done a 180 in the most amazing ways.

Here are some ways that Addie has kept us on our toes in her 3rd month:

- First roll-over. This girl does NOT like her tummy time, she was so determined to not have tummy time last weekend that she pushed herself onto her back!  We have yet to see her repeat the roll-over.

- Addie is becoming more sensitive to whats around her and she is vocally participating in her environment in a much louder way.  I used to be able to vacuum under her crib during a nap, now Mia wakes her up with barks at the front door. Hand in hand with that: our sweet, quiet little girl is strengthening her vocal cords to a whole new level!

- Bath-time is still our baby's fav.  The best part?  Being transported naked from the changing table to the tub. We are just starting to see some giggles..90% of them take place in this little window of time.

- Her estimated weight is around 13 lbs and her diaper size is up to 2.

-We've had some more restful nights in the Pearson household. It is no longer unusual for Addie to sleep from 10 PM until 6AM..then go back to bed!  These are intermixed with nights that require 3AM feedings, but we enjoy them when they come along.

- Some dear friends have children and Addie is at an age now that we notices them!  She doesn't always care but she will sit and stare at other "miniatures". 

I've been doing some experimenting with my camera.  For your viewing pleasure:

 Finally, a tummy time with a happy face!
 Love her.
 We've seen a lot of that tongue lately. 
Melt. My. Heart.

And we would hate to leave this little peach out of a post:

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  1. What a blessing, Mel, I love getting to read about Addie and all the ways God is working in your life! She's a doll. Also, I seriously busted up laughing at poor Mia in the end of your blog. Hope we get to see more of each other this summer!