Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 months and counting...

Another month has come and gone.  Our newborn baby girl continues to grow. She hit "'infant' and is well on her way to toddler.

In her 5th month, this little lady is mastering self transportation. Not crawling yet (though she's close) but nothing that a lot of rolling and army crawl turning can't handle.  You leave her in the middle of the room, go use the restroom quick, and come back to find her against a wall. 

The giggles are multiplying. Whether we are changing a diaper, shaking a rattle or yelling "peek" at Mia - we get belly laughs.

 Her 5th month marked Addie's first swim.  She loved splashing in the water. When on her tummy, she would lap it with her tongue. 

 Sleeping through the night like a champ!
 Good times with the grandparents.
 Loves mirrors.

May the adventures continue to come!

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