Thursday, June 14, 2012

More 4 month pics

More 4 month pics - Because who doesn't like more pictures?

 Don't those eyes melt your heart?
 Sweet as pie.
 We love our walks.
 Visiting dad at work.
"Poor me another, bartender!"
"I'll take a milk, on the rocks..and none of that formula stuff"
(Credit to uncle Nate for the clever caption :) )
 Just making sure you are paying attention.
All smiles.
Arms behind the head, chillaxin'
Right to the mouth...
 Getting so strong!
 ...and the bouncy chair no longer entertains like it used to.
I love that you can see Mia's little paws, always part of the action!
 Happy Graduation Aunt Jessica. We are so proud of you!

Loving her new daycare. Thanks Mariel for doing such a good job!

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  1. She's so precious! :) I love getting to see the pics--keep 'em coming!