Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm 11 Months!

Last week I turned 11 months old.  My mom can't believe that I'm almost a year already!  I celebrated my 11 month birthday with the stomach flu. It was not fun but I was generous and passed it along to everyone that I came in touch with :)

I still have the same 8 teeth that I've had for a while, which I'm okay with since teeth aren't all that much fun to grow.  I put them to a lot of use with solid foods now but my belly isn't getting much bigger since I like to crawl, climb and walk all over. My hair is getting a little big longer but I still look mostly bald. My goal each day is to wear out both parents, I'm successful 100% of the time. 

Some of my favorite things are my big legos, my books, shaking my head, emptying drawers, climbing stairs, looking out the window, Iphones, eating small pieces of paper and pushing buttons on all things that I shouldn't.  I point at things around me, sometimes I do the gangsta double point and it cracks my parents up. It is so fun to make clicky noises with my tongue!  For a while I was saying, "mama", "dada" and "baba"..but for now I'm sticking with "gaga" and listening to my parents say "mama" and "dada" on repeat.  It is pretty funny :)

A few weeks ago I took my first steps, I usually only go 3 or 4 steps at a time. I'm still a little nervous to go much further and crawling gets me around pretty fast. Balancing isn't a problem, I can stand for hours while shaking things and talking. 

It has been a really fun month, full of spending time with all my grandparents and family.  Christmas was awesome because there was always at least 4 or 5 people staring at me.  I don't quite get the gift opening thing but it is fun to shred one piece of paper into a million pieces..then try to sneak one in my mouth when noone is looking.

Thanks for listening friends, love you!


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