Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Pearson 2.0

Yup, you read that read.  We've got a baby on the way!  

Addie will be a big sister this summer, August 1st for a ballpark date.  Though if this little guy or gal is anything like she was...I'm banking closer to the August 11th/12th for an actual appearance.

We've already gotten to see our little peanut with one ultrasound. They did one right away to make sure that the due date was correct, since the kiddos are so close in age.  Though it was fun to see a little heart beat on the screen, that ultrasound pushed the due date back 11 days.  Just what my sick self wanted to hear :)  Of course we are thrilled regardless and are feeling so incredibly blessed.

Word on the street is that with baby #2, "the bump" makes it's appearance a little sooner.  We definitely didn't beat the odds on that one!  I've got a nice little pouch resting beneath my shirts. No maternity clothes yet but I'm sure they will make their way out of the boxes before too long.  But I'm keeping my chin up since the growing belly means getting further along, which hopefully means getting past the morning sickness stage! All of the mornings, afternoons, and nights kneeling in front of the porcelain throne have me guessing we've got another girl on our hands :)

 Addie is thrilled, of course.
 Though shes not sure how this whole "sharing the attention" thing is going to work...

Thanks for celebrating with us!  We will be back with more soon!
  (I'm embarrassed that I haven't posted a thing about Christmas yet..oops!)

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