Monday, December 30, 2013

Cayden 5 Month Update

Over Christmas Cayden hit the 5 month benchmark. With each month comes more alertness and interaction, it is so much fun! 

Most of the last month was spent on the road. Good thing our little man is a decent traveler. Interstate driving makes for perfect sleeping conditions...especially I-35 and I-94 :) In addition to sleeping on the road, we've made some progress with night sleeping.  Thank goodness!  With some sleep training Cayden will often sleep a 6 hour stretch and he is very good at going back to bed. We've also successfully had longer naps in the crib during the day. This momma is feeling much more rested and so is the babe.

In an attempt to help Cade sleep, we tried solid foods one night. It didn't seem to help, so we haven't done it since and will probably wait until the 6 month mark to try again. Right now I'm enjoying the simplicity of only feeding 1 little mouth. He continues to take bottles and nurse well.

We've witnessed rollovers from the stomach to back & back to stomach, but now that Cayden can sit he prefers to be upright. If we leave him without any support, there are still a lot of face-plants but overall Cade is really good at sitting on his own or with a little help.

With each passing month the coos, giggles and smiles seem to multiply. Our little man is one happy little guy. But he also knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to let us know when he is not enjoying something.

 We are so thankful for another month with our precious baby boy. Our hearts fill so much much joy watching him grow. We love you little man.

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