Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cheese Please!

Yesterday I was snapping some pictures of Cayden for his 5 month post. When I was taking the pictures, Addie was distracted with her snack. As I went to put the camera back in the camera bag, ready to cross another thing off of the to-do list, Addie says "Cheese!".  I smile and explain that I was taking pictures of baby. Then her cute "Cheese!" turned into a near-cry "Cheese Please!  Cheese!".  I pulled the camera back out and snapped a shot. Then Addie was happy to go back to snacking away. 

It is so entertaining watching this little personality blossom.  I see bits of myself and parts of Bryan - though I'm not sure who she gets her hunger for the camera from.

We are slowly approaching Addie's 2nd birthday, which is becoming more and more real everyday. She is saying lots of new words and starting to say small sentences.  In just the last couple of days she has learned that she can open doors - just this nap time we've gone back to bed 4 times!

The energy that this child seems to multiply with each month. When I do workout videos at home, on days when Bryan works all day, she has begun to join in & it is quite hilarious. The girl has an interesting way of doing crunches, pushups, and lunges.

 ....time to go put our little stinker back in bed, hope you enjoyed the update!

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