Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cayden - 1 year update

 I may be a little late on this post but that is only because this little walker is keeping us busy! On a daily basis my children run in two opposite directions, and I am faced with the decision of which one to go after. #momprobs

Some other fun updates?  Cayden is saying "hi", "mama", "Mia", "Addie" and "dad".  He's also conquering some monumental gestures: the head shake, waving, pointing, and "touchdown" (obviously, what kind of parents do you think we are?!).

Cayden is sleeping like champ and eating like a college boy.  He loves his baths and being outside.  Being the younger sibbling, he's one tough cookie!

For his 1 year check up Cayden measured 29'' (17%ile) and weighed 20lbs 10oz (38%ile), with a head circumfrance of 19'' (95%ile).

If you lose Cayden in the house - you'll likely find him at the bookshelf, trying to get his hand in the toilet, or emptying the bottom drawer of a dresser.  He also frequents following his sister around. She likes to keep tabs on him as well, which is incredibly precious.

I'll be back soon with a lil' summer update. It has been forever, but these last few months have been rockin' our socks off.  And in the moments that we aren't running around, we are soaking up cuddles and down time.  Praising God for this little boy!  He brings so much joy to all of us!

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