Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life Changes

I'm dusting off the blog today after a long hiatus. We've gone through a lot of changes in the past year. Several moments of joy and excitement with some significant losses sprinkled in.  Its been life-changing in many ways.

One of the big changes as of recently is that I left my job.  I'm officially at stay at home mom.  Say what?!  It still feels a bit unreal, part of me keeps thinking I need to pull out my work laptop to check emails.  I'm 9 days in today and it has been incredible.

We've pretty much been living outside all week. I think I love spring even more than summer, those first weeks outside are hard to beat!

I feel like the blog will be a good outlet for me in this new stage of life. Check back soon!

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  1. Cute :) Sam has that same sweatshirt. Twinning!