Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4 Months

Time continues to fly by here at the Pearson household!  Addie's 4 month birthday has come and gone. Today at the doctor she weighed in at 14.5lbs and is 25 in long, 75%ile for both.

Here are a few highlights!

At 4 months, Addie is rolling, squawking, and eating galore. No more leaving her in a room alone, let alone on the bed!  For a baby that didn't like to lay on her tummy, she sure likes to roll over onto it.

She inherited those chunky, chipmunk cheeks from her mom :)  We are so grateful to have a good eater!

Occasionally Addie will grace us with a full nights sleep, though she sure puts up a fight at bedtime. She is super alert and hates to miss a thing.

We are starting to see some signs of teething...
 Everything goes...
 right to...
the mouth!

We love you baby girl!

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