Friday, March 15, 2013

Woah, We're Halfway There!

Bon Jovi has been on repeat this week, I can't help be think it is my soundtrack song of the week. When pregnancy lasts almost a year it seems really important to celebrate the landmarks along the way. ...and its a good excuse to splurge on Starbucks.

In many ways this pregnancy has seemed to fly by. The symptoms have been really similar to how they were with Addie, lots of nausea at the beginning but it has now subsided for the most part. In our first pregnancy I remember feeling the "gush" of energy in the 2nd trimester and I'm still patiently waiting for that this time around.   Of course I don't know whether the lack of energy is due to the pregnancy or chasing around a toddler.

Our ultrasound is next Monday, we can't find out if this is another sweet baby girl or a little man. Though Bryan is itching for another male around the house, I have the feeling Addie is going to have a sister. We will soon find out!

Pic in the nursery-to-be!

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