Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 Adults & A Baby

Do you remember this comedy from the 80's?

Our household isn't quite as entertaining or hectic, but we did expand by one grown man this past winter. I can't believe it has taken me this long to mention it! My "little" brother Chris has been occupying the guest suite since late December.  He and Addie didn't get to see much of each other in the first 10 months of her life but they are making up for lost time.  Uncle Chris takes command of the Pearson house on Thursday's, when I'm sure him, Addie and Mia party the afternoon away.  This past week he even mentioned he'd be up for taking on a newborn and 18 month old come August...pretty ambitious, no?

We are thrilled that Addie is surrounded by so much family that loves her and after seeing them interact it is easy to see how much she loves her Uncle Chris. Bryan is enjoying having some additional testosterone in the house and Mia has come to enjoy the extra crumbs under the table.  We love having Uncle Chris just a staircase away and we can't wait to put those big muscles to work in the backyard this summer!  Just kidding :)  Kind of.

 I get sent these precious picture updates, so fun!

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