Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Walkin' Talkin' Toddler

Our sweet baby girl growing girl deserves an update. Much has changed around the house in the past couple of months, our "step-taker" has turned into a runner and a climber. Nothing is safe anymore! Our idea of baby proofing is to wait and decorate the house (waist down) after all of our children are ages 3+. So things may look a little bare/simple, but one gate on the stairs and we are good-to-go.

The talking I mentioned in the title is more of a babble.  But let me tell you, this little girl has a lot to say.  I only wish we could understand!  Lately I've noticed her watching my lips when I'm talking, then she will try to share on her own.  Its absolutely adorable.  At one point we though she was saying "mama" and "dada" but we haven't heard those consistently for a while so maybe it was just a fluke.

Addie has been enjoying the zoo (a birthday gift), loves her playhouse (especially shutting Mia in it, muahahaha!), is consistently slurping her bathwater and creates a game out of shutting herself in various rooms in the house.  If a bathroom door is left open, you are guaranteed to find Addie splashing around i the toilet.  And though our girl has always been a good eater, she has established her preferences..meat and veggies not being part of them.

 As I'm sure if common with most kids her age, Addie is obsessed with electronics. When she gets her hands on a phone or the ipad - they are deemed hers until bed or bottle time. 
 Fun times at the zoo!  We've already been able to put our pass to use some and are looking forward to many more zoo trips, especially when it is nice enough to explore the outdoor portion.
 Besties from the beginning. Mia loves Addie because Mia now gets fed 5+ times a day. Addie loves Mia because she is fun to terrorize.
 We've been gifted an assortment of little chairs. The one above was made by Addie's great-grandpa Neubauer. A little rocking chair and cushy pink chair are also spread around the house and Addie loves it. Though she is usually good about sitting in her chairs, every once in a while I find her standing, jumping, or attempting to climb over the back of them..yikes!

 The famous playhouse, complete with an operating doorbell. This was a birthday gift from Addie's grandpa & grandma Bock. You can hear that door swinging open and slamming closed hundreds of times a day. Addie loves to open and close the shutters and is very welcoming to all who stop by her little abode.  And yes, this masterpiece is currently occupying our front living room..another reason that mom is really looking forward to the spring!
 A couple of weeks ago we had family reunion, complete with lots of pool time. Though Addie wasn't a fan of the water at first, she ended up loving it. We did lots of swimming. And when we weren't swimming, Addie get her parents/grandparents/every adult there a workout by constantly running towards the pool while laughing.  What a goofball.

 As our sweet little girl gets bigger, it is so fun to see her interact with other kids.  Though she isn't sure what to think of babies (she will have to get used to that soon!) any child that is moving or talking, Addie following around and chats with.  The zoo is particularly hilarious as she is much more interested in the other kids than the animals :)

Well, there is a quick update on our little lady!   I've got tons of videos and intentions for a birthday bash post - so stay tuned! 

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