Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cayden at 2 Months

Our little boy is growing!  The last 4 weeks have been a blast.  We've seen lots of smiles, hear happy coos, and have gotten 4 hours of sleep. in a row. a-mazing.

Cayden is a great eater. We've had no issues with  nursing and he takes the bottle really well. I'm stockpiling the freezer as well, which feels good. Our little muncher only spent a week or 2 in his 0-3 month clothes.  I swear he gained 3 lbs in the span of 7 days.  He is still squeezing into 3 month sized clothing, but I don't imagine they will fit well for long.

Holding sister's hand

Not only is our little man growing like a weed on the outside, we can see his brain developing each and every day.  He loves watching his sister, laying on his play mat, and being carried facing out so that he can take it all in. He seems to be batting his arms at things and his grip is at least twice as strong as mine. No joke.

Though Cade isn't sleeping through the night, he goes to bed really well.  He eats a ton in the evening but once that little tummy if full to the brim, a food coma settles in.  A certain glaze takes over his little blue eyes and I know it is time. We swaddle him up and lay him in the crib. A couple of coos later and he is out for the count.  On a good night, he will sleep from 10 to 2, then wake up for a snack and go back down for a few more hours.

To keep it real, it isn't all smiles and coos.  Our poor guy has some tummy issues, keeping him uncomfortable in the evenings.  You can expect some inconsolable wailing anytime between 6 and 10.  Sometimes it comes and goes for 4 hours, sometimes it is a brief episode.  I've tried changing my diet to no avail, so we are just doing our best to keep him comfortable and hoping that it soon passes.

He is smiling at his sister. Does it get sweeter than this?

We love seeing him grow and change, but it is a little bittersweet.  He will never go back. He will never go back to that sweet 7lb baby.  I already miss it. But at the same time I can't wait to see him roll over, crawl, and pick on his sister.

That is all we have for now, but we will be back soon with another update!

And for every one decent picture, there are 10 like the one above. Mommy's little helper.

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