Monday, November 4, 2013

Adventure Seeking

Today my toddler has been challenging me.  In fact, she challenges me every day. Some days (like yesterday) it was challenging my self control and patience levels.  Feeding the dog an entire box of treats while tag-teaming naptime with the brother will do that to any mother. Today she has me learning a different lesson.

Seek Adventure. Don't live in fear of failing or falling. Get out there!  Leave your comfort zone behind to explore, get your hands dirty, and experience something new. 

I'm quick to think of excuses.  Supporting kids, a mortgage, 401K, limited energy and resources, not enough hours in the name it.  One thing that I've caught onto is that there will always be excuses. But there may not always be tomorrow.

Be an adventure seeker and start today. Share the gospel with that neighbor. Make the career change you've been contemplating. Paint your living room that gutsy color.  Plan that trip!  Reinvent the status quo for stay-at-home mothers, in your career, or wherever you are. Break out of the mold you've made for yourself and make. it. happen. 

You will encounter road blocks and you may fail. But it will be worth it. The excitement, joy, adrenaline, purpose and character built will be worth it. When you need a little encouragement, seek out the nearest toddler.

It may be that I'm sleep deprived and hopped up on coffee but I'm EXCITED.  Thanks little lady, this momma loves learning from you.

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