Friday, November 1, 2013

Little Man Turns 3 Months

 Parents always say that kids grow so fast, one day your baby is a newborn and the next she is an older sister shooting at a basketball hoop.  I remember that feeling with Addie and its happening again.  One day we are hanging out with babies that are 6-7 months old and Cayden seems so little, then the next day we meet a sweet 11 day old and he seems huge!

Our little guy is so handsome. Seriously. I know I'm biased, but that little smile with a dimple is impossible to beat.  He's catching on that if I sit next to him, it doesn't mean I'm giving him all my attention. Now he waits for me to put the book down and the phone away. Once I'm 100% there, he's all smiles.

His hand-eye cordination has a lot of growing to do, but Cade has started batting at things and often grasps his hands together.  When having a bottle or nursing, he'll grasp for my shirt. Seeing his little fist gripping melts my heart every time. It gets me thinking about how those small fingers grasping will change over the years.

Despite his sister occasionally being a little too rough, our little man loves Addie. He will watch her move around the room and when she approaches he gets a look of preparedness knowing that something is headed his way.

Cayden has started saying "mama" between his babbles.  Ok, maybe not, but I'm starting early with this one.  He is full of grunts, coos, and enjoys riveting conversation while on the changing table :) I continued to be amazed at the rolls accumulating on his little neck and legs. Cayden is fitting well in 3-6 month clothing now with some 6 month clothes in the mix.

Nursing continues to go well. CP (a nickname we are trying out) eats about every 3 hours throughout the day, 90 minutes in the evening, and heads to bed at 8:30. He will almost always sleep until at least 2AM and has sometimes gone all the way until 5AM. Though it is nice that he is sleeping more, his mother still gets up every few hours to pump. I LOVE nursing in the days and evenings but I'm reminded of the kind of sacrifices it requires throughout the night. Thankfully I feel a little less like a zombie these days, though my husband and co-workers may still have their doubt. 

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