Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Addie

*I wrote this post about 8 weeks ago and forgot to hit "publish". Oops! Since I refer back to these posts when working in the kiddos scrapbooks, I wanted to submit it regardless.

Addie is entering this stage in toddlerhood that is absolutely hilarious. At any given moment, you can bet she is making me laugh or driving me absolutely nuts.  Though I'm not doing monthly posts on our sweet girl anymore, I thought it would be fun to share some recent happenings.

She's talking!  One day, we are nervous about her speech development and the next, she is willing to repeat any word that we say.  She has especially mastered "pease" but she will repeat most things.  

Addie loves to exercise with mommy. Without any encouragement to do so, when I start doing lunges in the living room she will come next to me and do squats.  Mommy does leg lifts, Addie does leg lifts.  Of course being in the health industry, I LOVE it!  Mommy does crunches, Addie does crunches  sits on we haven't mastered all of our exercises yet..

This girl can eat.  She isn't particularly skilled in taking small bites but she could win a contest for stockpiling crackers in her cheeks.  When picking Addie up from sunday school last week, we were looking to hear how well she sat and listened, but the teachers comments gravitated towards our child's ability to eat, "Wow, she eats crackers awfully fast!  I gave her 2!"  Yup, that's our girl.

While Addie will pound crackers and fruits like there is no tomorrow, she is picky when it comes to meat and veggies.  The other day I went as far as to put a pea in each macaroni shell (tedious!).  And Addie took her chubby little fingers and removed each pea from the shell before eating.  Though I was annoyed beyond words, lunch time took a full 45 minutes and I was able to get the entire kitchen scrubbed!

A future mother, Lord willing, Addie loves her little brother.  The other day she ripped the blanket off his body and put it on his face. She then raised her arms and did the "where did baby go" face.  Well Addie, the baby is being smothered under his blanket.

Addie is the happiest outdoors. She is able to open closet doors on her own and by the end of the day, she will have every pair of shoes drug out. "Pease! Pease!" she will say, while pointing at the door.
Our sweet girl has the most beautiful eyes. They are the sweetest things when she is happy. They get big and round when she's asking for something.  And more recently, they hold the most jaw-dropping scowl.  Don't give the girl what she wants or put her in front of a group of strange people and the most terrifying look overtakes that innocent looking face.  It gets me chuckling every time.
Lets talk mullets for a minute. Or better yet, let this picture do all of the talking.
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Of course each day brings new things and adventures of its own. We are doing our best to soak it all up!

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