Monday, October 29, 2012

Addition Revamp

Last weekend Grandpa & Grandma Bock came for a few days to help with a fewer (large scale) house projects. My dad was in charge of tearing out some built in cabinets, removing some wood flooring, taking out the laundry shoot, installing gutter gaurds, trimming a tree, patching holes in the as-fault and adjusting curtain rods...amongst other things.  My mom "had" to watch Addie while I served as an assistant :)  Needless to say, we are super grateful for a hard-working and generous family!!

I'm lacking for original pictures, but here is one of when we first bought the house and were beginning to paint.

Here are some pictures from the spring after we bought some furniture...

And then I decided to paint the built-ins white to brighten things up-

And current pictures! We removed the built-ins and got new carpet, shortening up the wood floor in front of the door.

  Now the room seems even bigger than it did originally.  The darker carpet will be better at hiding accidents and it cozies things up a bit. We like having the carpet go back further since we didn't need as much wood floor as was originally there.  I got a little desk (with a lot more storage and no shelves to fill) to put in one corner. I'm still brainstorming what will go permanently in the other, but for now the space is reserved for a Christmas tree.   Thanks mom and dad, we couldn't have done it without you!

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