Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Headboard, hallway art, light revamp and more!

One of our favorite things about having a house, is the freedom to change anything and everything about it to make it ours.  I drown my brain in DIY and design blogs throughout the day and now I can't seem to get enough of it at home.  Projects are addicting.  Like coffee addicting. Just when we are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and/or broke...another idea pops in, we hop up and are back in action.

I laugh to myself writing this..what is the "our" and "we" stuff?  Don't get me wrong, my hubs is more than willing to help out...but I don't know how often I see him "hop up" with the anticipation of a new project :)

We've intentionally limited our traveling this fall and it has provided some extra snuggles at home and a little spare time for DIYs, here are some pictures to prove it!

Last July Bryan bought home an old door from work, it only took us 4 months to use the boards to make a headboard!

When going through my keepsakes box  in September, I really wanted to find a way to incorporate something from my nursery into Addie's. These pictures worked perfect!  I spray painted the frames to spruce them up and now they go wonderfully above the rocking chair.

Hallway art.  To the right is an Instagram wall - those pictures are just too good to forget!  At the end of the hallway is a painting found at a garage sale. I fancily wrote "Wear out the words I love you" over the beach scene, this is a quote from the first song we danced to at our wedding.  Now when I wonder down the hallway throughout the day, I find myself thinking of my love and humming one of my favorite songs!

Since moving into our home, I've had the itch to paint the outside of our house. From top to bottom it is a beige color -if not repainting the whole thing, I at least wanted to paint to trim to add some variation.  Painting the front door a cheerful color did just the trick.

One other thing that we've been trying to figure out since purchasing our home is how to add more light into the addition. There was a 3-bulb chandelier off to the right above a table with the previous owners.  However, we removed the light a while back and in the evenings we just couldn't get things bright enough. Floor lamps are nice, but with an infant/toddler, we are trying to minimize things on the floor.  The pictures above show what we've come up with. So far we are happy with the results.

A few more projects down...another million to go :)