Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebrating 8 months

The 8th month has been full of a lot of excitement and continued changes.  This past week I turned the corner walking up the stairs, and there was my baby standing at the top of the stairs looking through the bars of the gate. I just stood there for a minute and felt my heart flutter. Wasn't it just yesterday we brought this baby home afraid we would break her?

This past month Addie went from crawling, to pulling herself up in the standing position. She is even fairly stable most of the time!  Yesterday I noticed her making her away along the couch...I have a feeling we will have  a walker on our hands before too long. Her eyes are always on something out of reach, she is a busy little you'll notice by her blurred image in most of her pictures.

Addie continues to sleep through the night most of the time but when she does get up she goes right back to sleep after a bottle.  She is still a very happy baby in general, though she puts up quite the fuss when going into her carseat.  Our baby girl is learning to interact with other kids, which is really fun to watch.

Here are some fun pictures from her 8th month! 

 Hanging out with G & G Pearson and fun times with the Magnusons!

 Addie's first Twins game was a hit (har har, pun intended!)
Ringing in Grandma Bock's 50th with her
 First trip to the pumpkin patch

Decked out in her Hawkeye gear

 Addie still loves her baths
 Playdates with good friends
 Watching Mia through the front door
 Prefers to hold her own bottle

 Standing ever moment she gets!
 Always wakes up so happy
 First bout with diaper rash = play time without a diaper
Mia never gets the chance to relax anymore :)
 8 Months!  Doesn't sit still for 2 seconds at a time.
 This outfit is one that I wore when I was a baby, I recently went through my keepsakes box.
 Doesn't she look so big standing?

Until next month, love you baby girl!

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